DarleneStar of the Week

Star of the Week: A Story of Love, Adoption, and Brownies with Sprinkles offers insight for kids and the parents who love them. … Told in the disarming voice of Cassidy-Li, this story melds the complexities of unknown birthparents, abandonment, and identity, painting a realistic, yet charming, view of adoption that a young child can understand. … Star of the Week is an encouraging book for any adopted child dealing with the mysteries of her life.—Adoptive Families Magazine

Star of the Week: A Story of Love, Adoption, and Brownies with Sprinkles by Darlene Friedman with illustrations by Roger Roth is the rare adoption picture book for older child readers.—School Library Journal blog

An adorable book that does not gloss over the questions children might have, this was a winner on the subject. Great for library and home shelves.—A Patchwork of Books blog

A topic any adopted child can relate to, along with adoptive parents. A great tool to initiate a delicate conversation between parent and child about a difficult topic that keeps coming up once a child begins attending school. I would recommend to any family with adoptive children, whether from Asia or not.—Peggy Truitt

It is such a special book for my daughter and me, as our family is a multi-racial family as well. Although our "story" is quite different, it has a profound impact on my daughter when she gets to see other families, like ours, that are not quite  "traditional." Your story has touched us.—Beth Eldredge

Star of the Week is a book that touched my heart. It deals with an important topic in such a loving manner. The warmness and closeness of their family shines through in the book. I also love the illustrations. I think Darlene and Roger should create a series of books on the topic. I have already recommended Star of the Week to my friends and family!—Cheryl Matticks

I LOVED THIS BOOK!! As a classroom reading teacher, I see so many possibilities to use this loving story with my students. The writing really captured the emotions of Cassidy-Li as she struggled to find her identity and come to terms with her longing to know about her roots. This book expressed a very complex problem in such a simple, easily understood way. It can really help all children to examine who they are and why their family history is so important. I see lots of writing assignments in my students’ future.—Hilary Williams